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Born and raised in Austin Texas, Chef Randy’s passion for food stemmed from watching his grandmother cook traditional Mexican food in the kitchen as a child – utilizing nose to tail of animals that his grandfather hunted. Growing up eating Mexican food on a daily basis, Chef Randy found himself interested in exploring other types of cuisines and was inspired by the impact of various cuisines on culture. He went on to pursue his interest in cooking, graduating with a certification from Le Corden Bleu Culinary Arts and continued to work as an Executive Chef in hotels and restaurants specializing in European cuisine. 


 In 2010, an opportunity for him to help a friend with opening a restaurant in Singapore presented itself, which Chef Randy immediately jumped upon. Having experienced running a restaurant business, he was eager to round up his experience by learning about the operational and business development aspect of a restaurant. He joined the Far East Organization in 2015 as a F&B General Manager & Brand Chef responsible for The Marmalade Pantry, Oriole Coffee Café and Cin Cin Bar. He was also responsible for developing the F&B operations department for Habitat by Honestbee when it first launched in 2018 before joining The Loco Group in 2019 as Group Executive Chef.