The Great New Zealand Birthday Cake Book

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Dimension26.5cm x21cm x 3cm

About The Product

The follow-up to the number one bestseller The Great New Zealand Cookbook, The Great New Zealand Baking Book is the ultimate collection of Kiwi baking.

Over 60 of our finest bakers share their sweet and savoury favourites, from beloved classics by legendary bakers such as Jo Seagar, Lauraine Jacobs, Tui Flower, and Dame Alison, Simon Holst and Dean Brettschneider. Including the best from The Great New Zealand Cookbook and with over 100 new recipes, The Great New Zealand Baking Book is divided into seven sections - 'Muffins & Scones', 'Baked Desserts', 'Sweet Treats', 'Cakes & Loaves', 'Savoury Snacks' and 'Biscuits & Slices' - plus a wholesome 'Not-So-Naughty' section with a range of healthy treats from nutrition gurus such as Nadia Lim and Megan May.