Passion Is My Main Ingredient

S$ 25.00

In this blistering memoir of his life in the baking business, Dean Brettschneider describes his journey from a small town baker’s apprentice to Global Baker and the internationally successful entrepreneur he is today. Make no mistake — this is not a book about baking.

Kiwi Baker at Home

S$ 50.00

Global Baker Dean Brettschneider’s newest cookbook offers a glimpse into what the savvy baker like to cook in his home kitchen. There are easy, casual recipes perfect for weekend lunch or tasty treats to pack into your lunch box for a delicious office lunch. The book also offers step-by-step advise on bread and pastry making techniques.

Baker & Cook

S$ 65.00

Dean Brettschneider finally brings to you the story and recipes behind the successful artisan and food store, Baker & Cook.  The allure of this book is in the backstory of the warm, cosy cafe you frequently sit to enjoy fresh bread and coffee and the beautiful and honest way Dean writes it.  The recipes for all your Baker & Cook favourites are right here for you to try at home.


S$ 45.00

From Global Baker Dean Brettschneider comes this mouth-watering collection of more than 60 bread recipes plus detailed step-by-step instructions on artisan bread making techniques. Bread by Dean Brettschneider is the definitive collection of irresistible recipes from a truly global baker, with stunning photography from leading food photographer, Aaron McLean.

Global Baker - Dean Brettschneider

S$ 45.00

A book of inspirational recipes with international influences - bread, pastries, cakes and desserts.

PIE - 80+ Pies and Pastry Delights

S$ 45.00

A generous, mouth-watering collection of the most irresistible pastry classics and creations from around the world, by award-winning Global Baker and patissier Dean Brettschneider.