The Ultimate Thai Food with Chef Lee Kwok Meng

S$ 220.00


by Chef Lee Kwok Meng

Enjoy the dishes that you have made along with a glass of wine and coffee/tea.

Are you a fan of Thai food? This is our first class dedicated to bringing a taste of Amazing Thailand to our school! Learn to manage the correct proportion of salt, sugar, acid and spice with popular recipes such as Pandan Chicken, Thai Crispy Fish and the all-time favourite Pad Thai.

Course Dates
Thu 15 September 2022 10am -1.30pm 13 Sep 2022 Available Add to Cart
Sun 23 October 2022 9am -12.30pm 21 Oct 2022 Available Add to Cart
Sun 23 October 2022 2.30pm -6pm 21 Oct 2022 Available Add to Cart
Tue 8 November 2022 4pm -7.30pm 06 Nov 2022 Available Add to Cart
Sat 10 December 2022 10am -1.30pm 08 Dec 2022 Available Add to Cart

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