Chinese Comfort Food with Chef Lee Kwok Meng

S$ 200.00


by Chef Lee Kwok Meng

Enjoy the dishes that you have made along with a glass of wine and coffee/tea.

No matter which culture you’re from, there will always be recipes passed down from the Monarch of the kitchen. And yes, that is our Grandmas! Join Chef Meng as he guides you through 4 of his favourite recipes from his Ah Ma. Recipes include Mala Steamed Fish, Chinese Cabbage rolled with Bacon, Nutritional Chicken Soup and Red Bean Pancakes.

Course Dates
Sat 24 April 2021 10am - 2pm 22 Apr 2021 Full Join Wait List
Fri 28 May 2021 10am - 2pm 26 May 2021 Full Join Wait List
Tue 29 June 2021 10am - 2pm 27 Jun 2021 Available Add to Cart

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