Hands-On Pizza Making with Chef Jenna White

S$ 220.00


by Chef Jenna White

Enjoy the pizza you make with a glass of wine and coffee / tea.

Join the class that will teach you how to hand-stretch and bake like an authentic Italian pizza Chef. Starting with six basic ingredients, Chef Jenna will guide you on the art of making pizza dough from scratch. Hand-stretch your base and top it with delicious savoury and sweet ingredients. Recipes include making your very own pizza for lunch, Plank Sourdough Pizza’s famous Cheese Plank, Garlic Bread and Calzone. The best part is that you can take all of them home with you!

Please note - In line with the latest government regulations, we have been informed that all school participants will need to be fully vaccinated (two weeks after receiving second dose) or present a valid negative PET result for duration of class.

Course Dates
Mon 24 October 2022 (Deepavali) 10am - 2pm 22 Oct 2022 Available Add to Cart
Thu 1 December 2022 10am - 2pm 29 Nov 2022 Available Add to Cart

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