Live and Let Go – Go Vegetarian with Chef Peter Rollinson, Executive Chef of Flutes Restaurant and Bar

S$ 230.00


by Chef Peter Rollinson

Enjoy the dishes that you have made along with a glass of wine and coffee/tea.

Vegetables are commonly an afterthought to accompany the main dish on the table. How times have changed with more and more people learning toward a plant-inspired diet. Join Chef Peter as he celebrates a variety of local and imported vegetables to create restaurant worthy dishes. Dishes will include Chilled Tomato Soup with Avocado, Salt Roasted Heritage Beetroots, Hazelnuts and Herbs, Textures of Broccoli, Broccoli Steak, puree and Broccoli Granola, Pecerino and Raspberry Bombe Alaska, Fresh Fruit and Blossoms.

Course Dates
Mon 16 August 2021 4pm - 8pm 14 Aug 2021 Available Add to Cart
Mon 20 September 2021 11am - 3pm 18 Sep 2021 Available Add to Cart

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