1-Day Professional Sourdough Class with Dean Brettschneider

S$ 260.00


by Dean Brettschneider

Includes morning and afternoon tea, lunch and a glass of wine and coffee/tea.

(This class is for professional bakers/chefs only)

Baking is an art that not all chefs can master. Luckily for us, we have the Global Baker! Join Dean as he deconstructs this trendy dough down to its most basic form. Learn fundamentals of making the perfect levain, how to knead correctly and of course, the shaping and baking of the perfect loaf. Crafting one dough, you will split it into a loaf, rolls and fruited bread perfect for cheese. You will wonder why you never became a baker!

Course Dates
Mon 31 August 2020 10am - 4pm 29 Aug 2020 Available Add to Cart
Mon 28 September 2020 10am - 4pm 26 Sep 2020 Available Add to Cart

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