♥ Valentine's Day Cooking ♥ with Chef Jyune Read (For Couples)

S$ 420.00


by Chef Jyune Read

Enjoy the dishes that you have made along with a glass of wine and coffee/tea. $420 per couple

Romance can also be created in the kitchen! You can make that happen by working alongside your beloved Valentine to create a sumptuous meal that you’ll get to enjoy together. Nothing tastes sweeter than surprising your special someone with a class to make a meal together! The menu includes a Ploughman’s Platter (to snack on arrival), Dukkah crusted Lamb of Rack with Ratatouille and Tahini-Mint Tzatziki and and Crème Catalan.

Course Dates
Sun 12 Feb 2023 9.30am - 1pm 10 Feb 2023 Available Add to Cart

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