Today’s Catch: CRABS! with Chef Lee Kwok Meng

S$ 250.00


by Chef Lee Kwok Meng

Enjoy the dishes that you have made along with a glass of wine and coffee/tea.

One of the most celebrated crustations on this island is the almighty crab. Be it the all-time favourite Chilli Crab, White Pepper Crab or Salted Egg Yolk Crab, there is always a dish for everyone around the table to enjoy. Join Chef Meng as he guides you through the steps to making these 3 famous sauces along with how to select the best Sri Lankan Mud Crab from the market tank and how to break it down! Don’t be scared of them … We promise they won’t bite!

Course Dates
Sun 29 August 2021 10am - 2pm 27 Aug 2021 Available Add to Cart
Sat 18 September 2021 10am - 2pm 16 Sep 2021 Available Add to Cart

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