Heavenly Cupcakes

S$ 180.00


by Chef Roshini Dharmapala

Take home your delightful Gourmet Cupcakes to share with family and friends, and enjoy one or two (!) with a coffee/ tea.

Cupcakes can be as simple as miniature sponges with a lick of frosting and a few sprinkles or can be a gourmet affair with meringue and fudge caramel! In this class, we create 3 different gourmet cupcakes with their own fillings and frostings. This hands-on class has the fun element of piping and decorating as well! Cupcakes created are, Baked Alaska, Salted caramel and chocolate fudge, Strawberries and cream “shortcake”.

Course Dates
Wed 28 February 2018 11am - 2pm 26 Feb 2018 Available Add to Cart

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