Croissant & Danish Pastry with Dean Brettschneider

S$ 245.00


by Dean Brettschneider

This class includes lunch & a glass of wine and tea/coffee

There is nothing more appealing than a flaky Danish pastry straight out of the oven for a weekend breakfast. In this class you will learn all the secrets of how to create light, delicate, layers of yeast dough and butter. You will also learn how to make crème patissiere filling, shiny glazes and perfect toppings for your croissants, Danish pastries and pain au chocolat.
Prerequisite: participants must complete Basic Bread Baking before attending this class.

Course Dates
Thu 17 August 2017 10am - 4pm 17 Aug 2017 Full Join Wait List
Fri 22 September 2017 10am - 4pm 20 Sep 2017 Full Join Wait List

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