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2 day Advanced Cake Decorating (Wedding Cake)

S$ 500.00


by Susan Johnson

Includes lunch on both days with a glass of wine and coffee / tea.

Advance from the Intermediate Cake Decorating class and take the next step to learn how to decorate a stunning wedding or celebration cake! In this class you will learn how to choose and assemble pillars for a multi-tiered cake, use royal icing, paint with lustre dust, decorate with edible beads and cake lacing. Be proud of creating the show-stopping centrepiece that will be sure to be unforgettable.

Please note, intermediate cake decorating class is a prerequisite for the 2 day advanced cake decorating class.

Course Dates
Mon 3 September & Tue 4 September 2018 10am - 4pm (daily) 01 Sep 2018 Available Add to Cart

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